FunctionalEach piece is uniquely created with Lion Paw Pottery's nationally renowned craftsmanship which blends beauty with function. Durable. Dishwasher Safe. Oven proof. (Only items designed for casseroles, pies and quiches are oven-proof.) And heirloom quality, so you may enjoy it for years.
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Salad Bowl$12.00
Salad Plate$15.00
Small Bowl$35.00
Snack Dish$25.00
Tailgate Mug Two-Piece Set$44.00
Teapot - 3 cup$75.00
Teapot - 4 cup$85.00
Teapot - 5 cup$95.00
Teapot - 6 cup$105.00
Trump Marker$10.00